Powering Revenue Growth for Contract Metal Manufacturers

Experience an increase in qualified leads and new account development when we provide the people, processes, and tools to target and develop new sales opportunities.

How We Do It



We have extensive experience working with contract metal manufacturers in complex technical sales environments, including:

  • Sheet metal, metal fabrication and welding, CNC machining, turning, milling, stamping
  • Metal roll forming, metal embossing, assembly, testing and finishing (painting, powder coating, heat treating, electro plating, etc.)
  • Complex precision parts, components, assemblies, panels and enclosures


Your sales staff wear many hats from project management, account management, prospecting, and clerical duties. Let us take on the new business development, so your highly trained sales staff can focus solely on closing qualified new business opportunities

Follow Through
Until resolution

Once new sales opportunities have been identified, Athena coordinates sales appointments and assists your sales team with reporting follow-up of each active sales opportunity and provides monthly status updates on all leads as they moved through the sales cycle. We continue to provide marketing touches at planned intervals until the lead converts or revokes permissions.


Our process is proven to bring results. Our customers have experienced significant increases in qualified leads and pipeline revenue, enjoyed greater industry awareness of their brands, and received market intelligence relative to decision makers and key influencers. See our case studies to see how actual clients have benefited.


Success Stories


Dawson Metal Company

Dawson Metal Company sees $419,000 in new account closed sales, $600,000 in new sales pipeline revenue

Precision Manufacturing Group

Athena SWC helped Precision Manufacturing Group fill its sales pipeline with $250,000 in potential sales.

Basin Precision Machining

 Whale Hunting in Unchartered Waters Lands
More Than $4.5 Million in RFQs in 6 Months

More Success Stories

Athena has helped many manufacturers expand into new geographies and industries, obtain more qualified leads, and increase revenue


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You can also call Todd Zielinski, Athena's Managing Director/CEO, at 716.799.9324 to learn more.