Powering Revenue Growth 
for Packaging Manufacturers

Obtain Qualified Leads; Increase Revenue Using a Structured Process and Approach 

Todd Zielinski, presenter
 Todd Zielinski, Managing Director and CEO

Need a Virtual Process for Developing New Business? 

Date: On demand 
 60-minute presentation  

Join us for a 60-minute webinar that looks at the current sales environment and the common issues facing packaging manufacturers today. This webinar introduces Athena's  inbound and outbound process model that can help you overcome these obstacles. It also introduces case studies of packaging manufacturers who have leveraged Athena’s process to obtain more qualified leads and increase their company's revenue!

What you can expect to learn:

  • The current situation within sales environments as it pertains to new opportunities and new account development for packaging manufacturers 
    • The importance of modeling a process and creating a division of labor concept
    • Athena's new business development process model and methodology for packaging manufacturers 
    • Packaging manufacturer case studies utilizing Athena’s process and the success they have experienced

Who is it for:

Manufacturers of corrugated, folding cartons, retail/point of purchase/display. labels, flexographic/plastic packaging, rigid box, contract packaging and fulfillment, internal packaging (molded pulp, foam), bottles and containers, lids and caps, and inserts and outserts. 

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